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Sections № 46, Unit 3 - ГДЗ по Английскому языку 7 класс: Биболетова (Учебник)

Sections № 46, Unit 3 из решебника ГДЗ на учебник (student's book) enjoy english по Английскому языку 7 класса от авторов М.З. Биболетова, Н.Н. Трубанева. Готовое домашнее задание актуально на 2012-2018 годы.
Do you agree with the poem? If you don’t, explain why. Discuss it with your partner. Use the words and expressions.
Some of the advantages:
to become smarter, to develop your mind, to have time for reading, to take part in school activities, to have exchanges with English- speaking partners, to have good and experienced teachers, to have interesting school traditions, to develop your imagination, to study interesting subjects, to learn new things, to prepare for adult life, to have a lot of friends, to enjoy school life and friendship,...
Some of the disadvantages:
not to need so much knowledge, to have no time for sports and hobbies, to get up early in the morning every day, to be tired of doing homework, to work too hard, not to be allowed to do what you want to, to depend on teachers’ mood, to have boring lessons, to be afraid of some teachers, to have too many extra subjects, to worry about getting good marks, to have many tests, school has nothing to do with real life...
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Фото картинка ответа 1: Sections № 46, Unit 3 из ГДЗ по Английскому языку 7 класс: Биболетова (Учебник)
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